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Messages from our satisfied clients

“We are proud parents of Ginger, Molly, and Sophie and wouldn’t think of trusting their well being to any one other than Cumberland Animal Clinic. We have recommended them to many of our friends, and would suggest to anyone, if you care about your 4 legged kids do not settle for less go to the BestCumberland Animal Clinic.”
“I have been taking my pets to Cumberland for 2 years now.  After having a horrible experience with Animal care center, I came here, and I found what I’d been missing.  Awesome vets and technicians that truly love what they do. Here they know your name, and love your pets as if they were their own. If I ever moved out of the Smyrna area, I’d still make the drive. It’s worth it to me to have such a caring and friendly staff that make us feel at ease. I know when I come here my pets are getting the best care possible. Dr. Dehaven is wonderful, as is Dr. Tison. It’s no wonder they made the 5 star vet list in Atlanta magazine. They are simply the best.”
“I just got home with my little dog Bugsy, who has been very sick for a week.

After talking with my friend Raymond who is a Vet Tech with Cumberland Animal Clinic yesterday,(yes on the Fourth of July)!!  He was very helpful and recommended I bring Bugsy in for a visit first thing this morning.  I took Bugsy in last Tuesday and Wednesday to see his regular Vet in Douglasville.  He was misdiagnosed or rather not diagnosed at all!  Having been a Pediatric Nurse for 16 years I had an idea of what Bugsy’s problem was(Hey but canines are not kids)!  Dr. DeHaven possesses an excellent bedside manner, is caring and informative.  I am glad to say this has been a wonderful and appreciated experience for both Bugsy and me. I would like to thank all of the staff at Cumberland Animal Clinic (especially you Ray Ray)!! for your excellent care. As the saying goes.  A dog is man’s best friend!”

“Dr. Tison and his staff are flat-out the best vets we’ve ever used, and also the least expensive!!! We moved to Atlanta from Knoxville, where we were lucky to have a friend who was a vet student. We like Dr. Tison so much, we are pleading with our friend to apply for a job with him! Excellent clinic, always surprises us with bills that are 30% lower than we’re used to seeing from Knoxville.”
“I have a little chihuahua and went to several vets before I came to the cumbeland Animal Clinic. My dog is a little bit difficult with stangers and at other places they needed several people to hold her and put her a muzzle on. All this was not once necessary at Cumberland Animal clinic. Doctors are very patient and know what they are doing. They are also very affordable compared to other clinics. I am glad I have found them!”