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Pet Buddies Food Pantry

Cumberland Animal Clinic is proudly affiliated with Pet Buddies Food Pantry, a community food bank for pet food to feed the pets of families and individuals in financial need.

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Why is my vet always talking about heartworms?

Heartworm disease, heartworm tests, heartworm preventative – your animal’s yearly wellness exam always has some mention of heartworms. But what are they and why should you be concerned?

Disturbing New Danger to Cats

“Doc, my cat eats constantly but still keeps losing weight!” While there can be any number of causes for this, in a middle-aged or older cat an overactive thyroid is always one of the potential [...]

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The Three Big Reasons to Spay and Neuter

Whenever we have a client with a new puppy or kitten, we always explain when they should spay or neuter their pet. An overwhelming majority of my clients follow through with our instructions, but others [...]

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Dee’s Grooming Gallery

Founded in 1994, Dee’s Grooming Gallery has been commonly referred to as one of Atlanta’s premier grooming establishments. We are a professional, all breed grooming salon with a vision for creating the image you are [...]

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