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Help Your Pets Beat the Heat

Long warm days. Vacation. It’s a great time to get out and about with your favorite furry family member. Just make sure you ALL have a safe and happy summer. Here are some precautions to keep your pets safe. Cars [...]

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Tips for Happy Holidays with Your Pets

The holidays are fast approaching! Make sure it stays a festive and safe holiday season for your four-footed family members as well. Here are a few things to watch out for, to keep everyone merry. Holiday plants. [...]

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If You Can’t Adopt a Pet, Help Someone Keep Theirs

The holidays are upon us. But it seems that every day the economic news gets worse. Folks are losing their jobs, losing their homes. Seniors are watching their retirement savings dwindle. Area food banks are reporting record requests [...]

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Heartworms? In Cats? Huh?

Yes, heartworms are primarily a problem in our dogs – but cats can also become infected. The same mosquito that carries the heartworm larva can, and does, bite cats, injecting them with heartworms as well. Cats [...]

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New Year’s Resolution for your Pets

It’s already January and the New Year’s resolutions have begun. Resolutions to eat healthier, lose weight and get more exercise are by far the most common promises we make to ourselves. But this year, why not include [...]

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