Prioritize Wellness Care

  • Preventative Care
    Laboratory screening for common, treatable problems; testing for common parasites like heartworms, intestinal worms, fleas and ticks; obesity prevention and treatment; attention to dental health and behavioral health all lead to a great quality of life for your pets.
  • Examinations
    Regular, thorough examination of all body systems by experienced doctors is the best way to detect any problems before they become serious and more costly.
  • Vaccinations
    Safe and effective vaccination protocols that are customized to your pet’s lifestyle protect against rabies, distemper, parvovirus, Lyme disease, feline leukemia virus and more.
  • Declawing (Front only)
    Our veterinarians perform a surgical onychectomy if they believe that a cat cannot be trained to refrain from using its claws destructively in the home, or poses a danger to family members.

Wellness Plans